Jerry Niehaus Photography

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Thanks for visiting my site. My interest in photography began while backpacking in Yosemite in the early 70’s. I had an Olympus OM1 camera and admired Ansel Adams and his photography. My passion for the outdoors and Yosemite have remained, but as my life has centered on my kids and their sports, I have spent most of my photographic time in sports photography. I am happy to share team sports photos with the players and parents for their non-commercial use. The sports photos are organized in "Galleries" by sport, level of play and game. Open a gallery by double clicking on the photo to view the photos contained in the gallery. You can view the photos individually or in a slide show. Once in a gallery, if you place your cursor on the right side of the larger photo on the screen, a window will open giving you the choice to download or "save" the larger photo. If you select this option, you will be able to download the photo without charge to your computer. If you would like, I encourage a comment on the gallery or photo and feel free to rate the photo.

The "Featured Galleries" section below will have the most recent game photos taken listed by the level of play and opponent. All of my photos in the galleries are also included in the next section of the page, the "Gallery Category" section. Just look around there are more photos there.
Thanks again for viewing and check back for updated photos.

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